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My Pregnancy Progression

Finally, a new post! As you can probably imagine, my life became quite hectic following Charlotte’s birth. Between moving, a new baby, and trying to keep Modernly Wed running, I have not been left with much time to dedicate to this blog. Now that Charlotte has some semblance of a sleep schedule, I have a free hour or two in the evening! Glorious.

This post is one I have been meaning to share for a while. During my pregnancy with Charlotte, I took photos every 2-3 weeks wearing the same dress with the intention of creating a progression composite as a memento. I found out I was pregnant VERY early, so my progression starts way back at four weeks, and ends with Charlotte in my arms at week forty.

The hardest part of this progression was finding a dress that would fit through my entire pregnancy, but still show the change in bump size. I happened across this blue and black striped stretchy maternity dress at H&M and purchased it one size up from my pre-pregnancy size. A belt and chip clips are holding the extra fabric in the early images… but boy did I need that fabric by the end!

Images by Kate Myhre

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