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Soft + Glamorous Newborn Session in Illinois

I adore the soft, glamorous atmosphere of this lovely newborn session. Captured by Kristina Cipolla Photography, new mom, Amber, posed with her newborn baby girl, Reese, for a beautiful studio shoot. I love the diffuse light and dreamy quality of these images. Amber is absolutely glowing and little baby Reese is unbelievably adorable!

A few words from the photographer:

I find maternity and newborn photography so beautiful and I wanted to add a “glamour” aspect to this type of session. Amber had just given birth to baby Reese and I wanted to make her feel beautiful and capture her glow. I think bringing in a makeup and hairstylist is a great thing to add for new Moms to make them feel special and pampered. Turned out to be one of my favorite shoots to date.

Photographer: Kristina Cipolla Photography // Hair Stylist + Makeup Artist: Nikki Cox – Hair and Makeup Artist // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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Outdoor Maternity Session in Pennsylvania

This couple looks so adorable and happy in their outdoor maternity session! Captured by Custom Portraits by Charlene, Breanna and Anthony posed in a local field on a crisp April day for their simple shoot. It is hard to believe, but Breanna gave birth to her baby boy, Maximus (Max for short), one day after her due date and only eight days after this session!

A few words from Breanna on her pregnancy and new role as a mom:

I had an amazing, easy pregnancy with no complications. Charlene gave us an amazing maternity session where we both felt really comfortable. I absolutely love being a mom so much more than anything else. My little boy’s smile brightens my day every morning when I go to get him from his crib.

All images by Custom Portraits by Charlene // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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DIY Minky Taggie Blanket Tutorial

Today I have another baby blanket tutorial for you! This one is much faster to make than my colorblock crochet blanket and is equally cuddly. Minky fabric is so soft and perfect for baby blankets. This blanket also features ribbon “taggies” on the sides to entertain baby. Best of all, the blanket can be washed and dried over and over. I made this blanket for my niece in a vibrant pink and orange floral pattern on the front with coordinating ivory minky on the back, but there are millions of amazing patterned cotton fabrics you could use to make your own. Read on for the full tutorial.


To make this exact blanket (finished size: 26″ x 33″) you will need:

How To:

Step 1 // Wash and dry your cotton and minky fabric. One may shrink more than the other, so if you skip this step, you may end up with a wonky blanket after washing.

Step 2 // Press your cotton fabric. This is important to for getting a straight cut.

Step 3 // Square and fold your cotton fabric and then, using a cutting mat, ruler and rotary blade, measure and cut a piece 27″ x 34″. (This allows for 1/2″ seam allowance, adjust size as needed for different blanket size). Pay attention to the direction of the pattern, if there is one. For example, I wanted the long stems of my floral pattern to run parallel to the long dimension of the blanket.

Step 4 // Lay your minky fabric face up on a hard surface, such as a counter or table. Note the grain on the minky and lay your cut cotton face down on top. Smooth and pin the cotton to the minky starting at the middle and then along the edges.

Step 5 // Using fabric scissors, cut the minky along the edge of the cotton.

Step 6 // Trace a radius (I used the ribbon packaging) at each corner and trim both pieces of fabric.

Step 7 // You want to leave an opening a few inches wide on one side to turn the blanket right side out. Pick an edge and double pin at each side of your opening so you know when to stop sewing.

Step 8 // Cut your ribbon into pieces 3-5 inches long. I added three ribbons at each side of each corner, so 24 total.

Step 9 // Flip your pinned blanket over and unpin at your first corner. Fold back the minky. Fold each piece of ribbon in half, right side out, and pin to your cotton, lining up the edges. Fold back the minky and repin it to the cotton. Repeat on all four corners.

Step 10 // Starting at your double pin, backstitch and sew all the way around the blanket to the other double pin using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Remove from machine and trim the fabric to 1/4″ at each corner. Turn the blanket right side out.

Step 11 // Press the cotton side of the blanket to create a sharper edge at the seam. Then, lay on a flat surface and pin the two blanket layers together all around the edge and in the center. Take special care when pinning at the opening.

Step 12 // Top stitch about 1/4″ around the edge of the blanket. This will also close the opening where you turned the blanket. Leave the pins in the center of the blanket.

Step 13 // Lay the blanket on a flat surface and mark a line from the middle of the long side across the blanket. Then mark two more lines at the halfway point of each created half. You should have three lines that cut the blanket in quarters. Sew down these lines to hold the minky fabric in place. Remove all pins.

Step 14 // Admire your work!

All images and execution by Kate Myhre

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